Cell tower nears approval

June 20th, 2015 6:58 pm

First Posted: 7/22/2009

Although the Abington Township meeting on July 13 only lasted 40 minutes, there was still plenty of feedback from the public. Community member Peter Loftus thanked the township for their speed bumps and said that it cuts down on speeding. In the land development for the new Verizon Cell Tower, Bill White explained that the planning commission has reviewed and approved it with only two conditions, the first that the easement be registered through the courthouse and the second that they confer with PennDOT about highway occupancy. The final approval for the tower will be issued when both requirements are completed. Resident Paul Epsom had some concerns on how the tower would affect the public. Bill White explained that anyone who has property adjacent to where the tower is being built was notified about it and that since the tower is only going to be 150 feet, there will not be a light on it. The tower will be finished with dull paint to eliminate any glare and, if the township requests, it can be painted brown to blend with the scenery.