NFL Punt Pass and Kick competition at Summit Baptist

June 20th, 2015 6:59 pm

First Posted: 9/30/2009

More than 50 participants took part in the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition hosted by Summit Baptist Bible Church on Sept. 12. Special speaker Cal Kern, whose son punts for the Denver Broncos, challenged the participants to give their best in every area of their lives. Participants who earned first-place honors in their respective age groups are as follows: Boys: age 8 to 9: Tyler Wright, 99 ft., 7 in.; age 10 to 11: Nikolas Cinguegrani, 225 ft., 6 in; age 12 to 13: Nathan Langan, 195 ft., 9 in; age 14 to 15: Quinn Karam, 287 ft., 8 in.; Girls: age 8 to 9: Naomi Paull, 51 ft., 9 in; age 10 to 11: Emily Scarfo, 75 ft., 4 in; age 12 to 13: Sydney Gualtieri, 122 ft., 2 in. Shown above, from left, in front: participants Tyler Wright, Naomi Paull and Emily Scarfo. Back row: Nikolas Cinguegrani, Sydney Gualtieri, Quinn Karam and Nathan Langan.