June 20th, 2015 6:59 pm

First Posted: 10/7/2009

Alley Cats Bowling scores for the week of September 15 High Individual Game: Bette Connell-176, Anna Aten-168, Theresa Schlosser-163 High Individual Series: Anna Aten-474, Bette Connell-464, Theresa Schlosser-440 September 22 High Individual Game: Anna Aten & Mary Jo Long-170, Sondra Thompson-169, Judy Wolfe-164 High Individual Series: Anna Aten-465, Mary Jo Long-464, Theresa Schlosser-446 Team Standings: Bobcats-17, Lynx-14, Tigers-12, Siamese-11, Calicos-9, Wildcats-7, Manx-5, Ghost-5 High Individual Game: Theresa Schlosser-178, Carole Hamersly-162, Bette Connell-160 September 29 High Individual Series: Carole Hamersly-463, Theresa Schlosser-458, Bette Connell-453 High Team Game: Calicos-690, Siamese-687, Tigers-668 High Team Series: Calicos-2031, Siamese-1926, Bobcats-1924