2009: Year of success stories for local BMX racer

June 20th, 2015 7:11 pm

First Posted: 12/16/2009

RJ Vargo, a 15- year -old West Wyoming resident, had an outstanding season in BMX (bicycle motocross) racing. Vargo is the track champion at his local track, Cedar BMX track, in Ransom Township, a title he earned by accumulating the most points during the season while racing at Cedar BMX Track. He also earned the title of state champion after winning in a series of qualifier races throughout the state, and winning the state championship final race at his home track. He traveled to North Carolina in September to compete in the Redline Cup East Championship and earned three Redline Championships there, by winning all three of the classes in which he competed. Vargo is the only rider in the country to have taken all three titles. He then traveled to Florida, where he competed in a series of three races, and earned the title of Disney Cup Champion, by having the best finishes out of the three races. Most recently, he traveled to Oklahoma for the American Bicycle race of champions and grand nationals. Vargo earned the title of R.O.C. No. 1 (race of champions) by winning his race in the race of champions. He then competed in the grand nationals, where he worked his way through quarter -main and semi- main qualifiers and made it to the main event. Only eight riders in the world make it to the main event. His sixth place finish in the grand national race, along with his other national race scores through out the year, earned him the title of NAG 10 (national age group 10). Vargo is also an honor student at Wyoming Area High School, where he was inducted in to the National Honor Society last week.