New members welcomed by ARC

June 20th, 2015 7:16 pm

First Posted: 6/24/2009

At the Annual meeting of The Friends of the Arc Auxiliary, three new members, Jeanne Gardier, Michele McDade and Betsy Youngblood were welcomed onto the Board and Ann Hoffman was welcomed back after serving one year off. The women discussed several upcoming events and plans are underway for the educational committee to hold several readings in area schools. For more information on the Auxiliary, call 570.346.4010. Shown in the front row, from left are: Michele McDade, Dolly Marie Densevich, Jeanne Gardier, Nancy Crafferty, Betty Moreken, Connie Wolff and Mary Carol Kanton, Auxiliary Treasurer. Second row: Corolla Sawka, Auxiliary Vice President, Betsy Youngblood, Carol Burke, Immediate Past President, Maron Bielovitz, Auxiliary Secretary, Eileen Williams, Auxiliary President, Eileen Rempe, Arc Director of PR/Development. Densevich, Gardier and Crafferty live in the Abingtons.