Chinchilla Hose Co. reports jobs

June 20th, 2015 7:18 pm

First Posted: 11/11/2009

The following fire report for October 2009 was submitted by the Chinchilla Hose Company: Automatic fire alarm, 7; assist to station, 8; Newton Ransom Fire Company, 5 (Automatic fire alarm, motor vehicle accident, pole fire, structure fire and tree down); motor vehicle accident, 5; public service type, 5; brush fire, 3; structure firem, 3; CO alarm, 2; smoke investigation, 2; tree down, 2; assist to Station 15 Elmhurst Roaring Brook Fire Company, 1 (Automatic Fire Alarm); assist to Station 95 Taylor Fire Department, 1 (Motor Vehicle Accident); fuel leak, 1; lock-in, 1. There were 38 total fire/rescue jobs in October 2009. The Chinchilla Hose Company ambulance 2-9 was dispatched on 82 EMS jobs in October, in addition to dispatches and responses on most fire department boxes. There were 120 total Chinchilla Hose Company incidents in October.