Boy Scout weekends in the woods Scouting Scene With Tyler VanGorder

June 22nd, 2015 2:58 pm

First Posted: 12/10/2008

November started off very busy for Troop 160. We had our annual French Toast Breakfast, which was our only major fundraiser for the year. We would like to thank everyone who made this event successful. It helped us be a very active troop. We also had a great campout weekend at Boy Scout Camp Achela. After we got camp set up, most of us spent the day on a variety of orientation courses. Compass and map work were both needed to finish the route. We did a lot of the merit badge requirements. While we were walking along the river, we saw a bald eagle flying around twice. That was neat! At night, we cooked all our own meals in our patrols and that was fun too. As usual, we finished the night with campfire songs and skits. Lucky for us, Mr. Jones was there to lead the singing; he always makes it exciting. There was another smaller Boy Scout troop camping there that same weekend and we invited them to our campfire to join us. Remember, a Boy Scout is friendly.