Allied Services celebrates Physical Therapy Month

June 22nd, 2015 3:12 pm - updated: 3:12 pm.

First Posted: 12/31/2008

Allied Services Rehab Hospital recently celebrated National Physical Therapy Month with a luncheon. Shown, from left, is the outpatient physical therapy staff. Seated, in front: Pam Ward, Dawn Vanhorn, John Niznick, Nicole Park, Shannon Munley. Seated, in middle: Lisa Pastore, Janine Kane, Kori Wood, Carmelina Zyats Sr., Amanda Delvalle, Chrisie Garzella, Sondra Morgan. Standing: Wally Sokolowski, Susan Logan, Taryn Mellody, Diana Pope, David Carpenter, Kristen Lewis, Belinda Gray, Susan Kalnoskas, Jeanne Jarrow, Scott Siebert, Jessica Bertocki, Cathy Guzzi, Stacey Cox, Bob Kusner, Debbie Crispell, Laurie Cavage.