Borough tackles range of issues

June 12th, 2015 11:24 am

First Posted: 9/22/2010

The Sept. 13 meeting of the Clarks Green Borough Council featured discussion on a variety of topics despite its short length. Among items discussed was renewing the finical support to the Abington Community Library and the Abington Senior Center. The council voted to renew their $2,000 support of the library and their $800 support of the center. A report was also given by Councilman Patrick Conaboy on the progress of the road work being done in Clarks Green. Clark and Possum streets are complete, with Vasser Avenue close to 90 percent finished, he reported. An old sewer line containing running water was found on Vasser and once the source of the water has been found, the paving can begin. Council also voted to renew the fire protection contract and to appoint Sean Wolfe to the Planning Commission. The Shade Tree Committee has received a grant for 20 trees to be planted this fall. The committee is currently seeking locations and volunteers to do the planting. During the public comment portion of the meeting, a petition from the local group, Friends Interested in our Environment, was given to the council asking for speed bumps or rumble strips to be placed along Clark Street to deter speeders. Council President Marie King informed the group that those deterrents are against both state and local laws. In police news, two robberies that took place were found to be family related and not random acts of theft.