Moran presents seminar at Allied Terrace Assisted Living Facility

June 22nd, 2015 3:25 pm

First Posted: 11/19/2008

Dr. Kurt Moran recently presented a seminar at Allied Terrace Assisted Living Facility for all staff. The topic was Cognitive Dementia and staff learned signs, symptoms, and how to best treat residents who experience this condition. Sitting, from left: Jennifer Bates; Michael Farr; Sharon Grushinski; Danielle Fraiser; Rachel Noone; Ann Marie Blasi; and Paco Peters, AVP/Administrator, Allied Terrace Assisted Living Facility. Standing, from left: Elizabeth Farr, Sandy Skivington, Marlene DePew, Shauna Love, Paula Pringle, Cassandra Burrus, Sagan Lewis Mari Arcangletti, Carly Radford, Mary Ann Krushin, Angie Kochmer, Lori McGurrin, Jennifer Cox, Cathy Callen, Dr. Kurt Moran and Cindy Dolechek.