Hydrants on Grouse Hill considered for replacement

June 22nd, 2015 3:36 pm

First Posted: 8/13/2008

At a Monday, August 4 meeting, the North Abington Township board noted that the local fire department has the ability to draw more water than what the small fire hydrants provide on Grouse Hill. The board is paying the water company $60 per month for these hydrants. . The board plan to ask Bob Carpenter, chief of the Dalton Fire Company, if the fire department should keep the hydrants or replace them. In other business, The board has given a permit to North Abington resident Frank Bogumil to build a shed in his property. He owns 95 acres of land and said he requires a shed to store his tractor. He has asked the board if he can be permitted to build a shed for agricultural purposes. The Lackawanna County Association of Township Officials will hold its County Convention. Each year, this organization meets twice for a dinner and to discuss topics. This summer, the dinner will be held at After Five in Dickson City on August 21.