Visiting Valley Forge Scouting Scene With Tyler VanGorder

June 12th, 2015 11:33 am

First Posted: 11/10/2010

October is the month that we all remember for Halloween and its scary, sugar- filled nights. And, what would Halloween be without a Halloween party? On Oct. 28, the last Thursday of the month, Troop 160 hosted its annual Halloween party. At this special meeting the scouts and their families were invited to come. Each patrol was assigned to create a game for the troop to play. The games ranged from throwing a ball into a bucket to getting dizzy and trying to throw a football into a basket. Also this month, Troop 160 camped at Valley Forge. On Friday, Oct. 23 the scouts drove to Valley Forge, Pa. Even though it was a two and half hour car ride, it was worth it. On Saturday we took a nine -mile hike all around the encampment. Valley Forge gets its name after an iron forge that used to exist there. At Valley Forge the scouts learned a lot about the soldiers that suffered there. They learned to respect them for their sacrifice. Remember a scout is loyal.