Historical merit badges reintroduced Scouting Scene With Tyler VanGorder

June 12th, 2015 11:46 am

First Posted: 5/12/2010

April for some Troop 160 members involved two weekends of camping. These were called Jamboree Shakedowns and were designed as preparation for the big jamboree that is coming. Many scouts this month also started to work on four historical merit badges. These badges are signaling, path finding, tracking and carpentry. These badges were discontinued many years ago, but were reintroduced for this year only in honor of the Boy Scouts of America 100th anniversary. We recently have just completed signaling, which was really fun. Along with some written work, we had to build a device that could send Morse code. We had to be able to receive and send a message 35 words long at a rate of 35 letters per minute. Also we had to learn Semaphore code which involves flags. We are starting the path finding badge. This also looks to be very interesting and fun. Great Expectations was held this month at Goose Pond Boy Scout Reservation. Great Expectations is a two weekend leadership training course for scouts who want to become a senior patrol leader. Great Expectations teaches scouts that a good leader must also be a good follower. Remember a scout is obedient.