Barrels of help

June 12th, 2015 11:48 am

First Posted: 2/24/2010

Forty-four schools and businesses throughout Lackawanna County, donated pet food and money for the 5th annual Griffin Pond Animal Shelter Pet Supply Drive. Kevin Young, maintenance person at the West Scranton Post Office, organized the drive.. According to Young , the following items were collected: 3,040 lbs. of dry dog food; 2,804 lbs. of dry cat food; 2,740 lbs. of cat litter; 81 cans of canned dog food; 1,012 cans of canned cat food; 600 lbs. of dog biscuits; 25 gallons of bleach; 171 rolls of paper towels; 1,378 ounces of laundry and dish detergent; seven reams of copier paper; several hundred blankets and towels; 34 bottles of cleaning various cleaning products; two large boxes filled with cat toys; two large boxes filled with dog toys; 31 collars and leashes; 46 recyclable ink jet cartridges.