Heavy traffic little impact on businesses

June 10th, 2015 9:33 am

First Posted: 4/28/2014

Popple Construction is working on a four-phase project taking up the old asphalt and repaving on Route 407 or South Abington Rd. The first phase started at Route 6 and 11, Northern Boulevard, and continued to Grove St. The $4.8 million project will be completed in Waverly and also includes repaving portions of SR 690, SR 1001 and SR 2010.

Businesses along South Abington Rd. have had to adapt to all the construction. . Rapid Photo put construction information on their website.

“If a customer placed an order, then we’d communicate to them how to pick up their pictures,” said owner Kevin Wells . “I thought they were closing the whole road but it is only one lane and it is for the short term. I am sure it is inconvenient for some people.”

Rapid Photo has expanded their hours April 28 to May 3 to lessen the impact of the construction.

Nationwide Insurance has not seen much foot traffic.

“Many people are making their payments over the phone,” said Melissa Zawicki, a licensed customer service representative for Nationwide. “If people do not have to come in, then they are staying away. Traffic is not too bad but can back up at 6 and 11.”

The staff at Dr. William MacNamara’s office are directing patients traveling north to Parkwood Avenue and then making a right hand turn at the top of the hill.

“The construction has not been a problem,” said Susan MacNamara. “It is well staffed with flaggers and they keep traffic moving. No one has complained.”

City Limits Hair Studio has also seen little impact on business from the construction.

“All week it has been smooth and traffic was better than normal. If people are coming on a side street, the flaggers have stopped traffic and let them over,” said owner Sandy Pagnani.

Construction crews are redecking the turnpike bridge. Traffic underneath the bridge has been stopped for up to 15 minutes.

“I am not sure why they did both projects at the same time, but it is adding to the chaos and frustration,” said Pagnani.

Kay McClintock lives in Montdale and did not experience any problems getting to the hair studio.

“I went down South Abington Rd. and the flagger let me over,” she said. “The construction crew was very helpful. I am happy they are working on the roads.”

“I know the work needs to be done. When a woman needs to get their hair done, no one is going to stop them no matter what. Not even the men working on the road is going to stop us,” said Clarks Summit resident, Bev Roberts.

Phase one of the project is expected to be completed in two weeks.

“The project is on schedule and (weather permitting) moving along excellent,” project manager of Popple Construction, Kris Reitz, said. “It is better than we anticipated. We have gotten a positive response from the public.”