June 10th, 2015 9:34 am

First Posted: 9/26/2014

Discover Columbus Day with these books from the Abington Community Library:

What is this holiday all about, anyway? Try “Columbus Day” by Vicki Liestman to hear the real story.

New readers can learn about the famous explorer in “Christopher Columbus” by Lola M. Schaefer in the “First Biographies” series.

Stunning picture book “Columbus” written and illustrated by Demi takes readers on a fascinating journey of power, wealth, and destruction.

“Who Was First?” asks Russell Freedman in his book on discovering the Americas. Did Columbus really discover America? Dig deeper in this thoroughly researched book by reading the print copy or listening to the talking book.

Trace the travels and conquests of daring travelers in “Columbus and the Age of Explorers” by Nadia Higgins. Cabot, Balboa, and Magellan are just a few of the other names you will encounter.

Fans of Junie B. Jones will enjoy Barbara Park’s story, “Shipwrecked.” Junie B. Jones is determined to be the star of the Columbus Day production, but the show seems headed for disaster. Will the ships ever get to land?

Older children looking to do some research will find “Christopher Columbus and the First Voyages to the New World” helpful. Follow along in this book from the “World Explorers” series as author Stephen C. Dodge explores the story of man’s quest to know.

Set sail on the voyage that changed the world! Check out “Westward with Columbus” as author John Dyson describes the voyage sailing to America in 1989, tracing the original journey hundreds of years ago. The book flashes back to life on board the Santa Maria, giving readers a taste of the original experience.