Sewer delinquencies still an issue for Clarks Summit

June 10th, 2015 9:34 am

First Posted: 4/8/2014

The Borough of Clarks Summit recently saw a considerable reduction in the ongoing issue of outstanding sewer bills, but some properties are still facing water shut-offs due to non payment or delinquency.

As of the regular council meeting April 2, approximately 30 people still had severely delinquent sewer bills that remained unpaid since November 2013 or defaulted on their payment plans, according to Clarks Summit Borough Manager Virginia Kehoe.

“We have made some significant progress,” said Vice President Dominick Scott in regards to Clarks Summit’s overwhelming sewer delinquencies.

In the past few months, Clarks Summit Borough sewer delinquencies diminished from over 200 severely delinquent accounts to less than 100.

Despite the progress, Kehoe said water shut-offs would be posted after last week’s council meeting and if residents do not contact the borough or attempt to create payments plans, water shut-offs are scheduled for this week.

Council members also discussed the creation of a written policy to uphold future dealings with sewer delinquencies. The council briefly debated whether or not to consider delinquent payments by month or quarter, since sewer bills are billed quarterly but residents may pay monthly.

As a result, the council formed a committee of council members including David Jenkins, Vince Cruciani, and Scott to work with Kehoe and Assistant Borough Secretary Jennifer Schmidt to create a written policy for handling delinquent sewer payments.