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June 10th, 2015 9:34 am

First Posted: 5/30/2014

The fifth through eighth grade students at Abington Christian Academy did a spoof on the original TV show “Star Trek” May 29.

The play was called “In the Beginning” and was written by Barry Brannen. The crew of the starship Destiny search for the beginning of the universe. Two angels beam onto the starship and tell the crew to go to Earth and look for the Book of the Beginning (the Bible) to find the answer to their mission.

We kids made the set ourselves with the help of some parents and teachers. It was hard to make the set, but it all “played out” in the end. Our set looked like “the bridge” on the starship Enterprise.

Mrs. Veronica Pavlovich and Mrs. Stephanie Koytek styled our hair to look like the 60’s. Mrs. Toshia Somerville did our make-up. We wore costumes that looked like the original characters, but our names were changed for this play. Instead of Mr. Spock we had Mr. Spook. Our captain was James T. Berk, and our doctor was “Moans” McCaw.

It was a challenge for us to learn our lines and to get into character. We watched some old “Star Trek” shows to learn more about the characters. In the end, we all did fantastic.

Doing the play was a very fun experience and taught us about acting and speaking.

I, Olivia, played the role of Yeoman Janice Bland. I did not have many lines, but the ones I did have were really hard to learn. My favorite part of the play was when we “found” the Book of the Beginning (the Bible).

I, Gwen, played the role of Yeoman I. M. Dolt. My lines were easy to learn and fun to recite. My favorite part was when the away team went down to “Earth”.

It was fun having special sound and lighting effects. We want to thank all the people who helped build our set and run the lighting and sound. An extra special thanks to our principal, Mrs. Jan Wells, for directing the play. She helped us get into character and memorize our lines.

The whole night was about fine arts. The Pre-K students sang and recited poems. The Kindergarten through fourth grade students sang songs and acted them out. The little kids’ favorite song was “Frog Went A Courtin”. They liked it because it was a funny story, and they loved watching their friends act it out with big props.

At the end of the night we went to the Fellowship Hall to have refreshments and look at the art show. Every student had art pieces displayed for everyone to enjoy.