New CVS heading to downtown Clarks Summit

June 10th, 2015 9:35 am

First Posted: 5/6/2014

Change is in the air for downtown Clarks Summit.

A new CVS drugstore is set to be constructed at the intersection of Winola Road, State State and Highland Avenue, according to a news release issued by Hinerfeld Commercial Real Estate in April.

It’s the conclusion of a land sale that began just over two years ago.

The two largest venues that were sold for the upcoming development were the former Whipples Lumber site on 1.89 acres and a former restaurant on a .15 acre lot. A collection of four properties were sold with the transfer of the property titles, concluding last month.

The arrival of a new CVS drugstore is expected to be a positive and welcome addition to the growing Abington community.

“From an urban experience, this is a highly-concentrated area so what this will do is provide a focus point at the end of this retail quarter, and it will all be brand new which will be very attractive,” Hinerfeld Realty Company president, John T. Cognetti said. “I think it will be an enhancement to the community.”

The new location will be more accessible to Clarks Summit residents.

“There’s definitely the need for the CVS,” Cognetti said, “because of where they’re presently located it’s a smaller store and it’s not very convenient, this is definitely going to be an improvement over where they are now. This provides a convenient point to service all the customers.”

Since the sale of the properties is finalized, the next stage will be acquiring permits through the borough.

Clarks Summit Mayor, Patricia Lawler welcomes the new CVS.

“I’m very excited,” Lawler said. “[It’s] an outstanding edition to downtown Clarks Summit. … revitalization at its best.”

According to Lawler the opportunity for the new CVS to the town is, “A perfect example that Clarks Summit was in the right place at the right time. … I’m very pleased.”

Clarks Summit resident Ellen Mellody predicts, “Positive growth for the borough and hopefully this development increases foot traffic and benefits all the local businesses throughout the borough.”

Before any construction plans can take place, permits through the Zoning and Planning Commission of Clarks Summit must be acquired. After permits are issued, the revitalization of the new CVS site can begin.

“This is such a tremendous improvement to that intersection and visually to the community,” Cognetti said. “A new store plus all of the enhancements that are going to be required, that’s making that corner much more attractive and therefore making the Abington’s a more attractive place.”