Historic Waverly Schoolhouse to get upgrade

June 10th, 2015 9:35 am

First Posted: 7/15/2014

Waverly Township Supervisors voted to accept a proposal by resident Tom Curra to restore the historic Waverly Schoolhouse during a town meeting on Monday night.

Curra attended the first June meeting to ask the Supervisor’s if they would consider selling him the schoolhouse so he could restore it privately. A proposal was submitted to the township by Curra in early July and it was approved Monday night.

“Commence as quickly as you can” Supervisor Thomas Durbin said.

Curra has already made plans for the second week of August to have the building raised and a subfloor installed. The installation of the subfloor will allow the schoolhouse to be re-leveled.

In other news, the Supervisors are working on a map of the disc golf course for players. Supervisor Dr. Douglas Klamp has been in touch with a local graphic artist who offered some design input. They have agreed to name the course “Waverly Disc Golf” but have not purchased any signs.

After reaching out to Senator Bob Casey’s office about the stagnant addressing issue, township Manager Christine Capozzi reported some progress. A contact of theirs, Kristin Magnotta, will be meeting with the United States Postal Service next week to discuss the matter.