No tax increase for Abington Twp.

June 17th, 2015 1:45 pm

First Posted: 12/12/2007

The Abington Township supervisors met on Monday, Dec. 10 at the Township building on Lake Henry Drive. On the agenda were items of concern from the public and building permits and subdivision. A major concern of several residents, which the supervisors addressed, was the Parker Hill Community Church Land Development, with one specific issue. The residents were concerned that headlights would shine into their windows from the parking lot of new building. After residents and supervisors reviewed several ordinances, they found that it was stated that lights may not shine from one property to another. Residents were also told that it was too soon to tell if this would be an issue, and upon construction, if it was seen as an issue, then they would be protected. Darren Kizer, Pastor for Parker Hill Community Church, said that the church would host night services, but not often. There was also discussion of planting trees to protect the residents from the possible light, but that would be reviewed upon the construction. In other business, there will not be a tax increase for Abington Township for 2008. Also, it was the last meeting for Timothy Burns, whose term has ended with Abington Township. Douglass Klamp prepares to step in for his six year term.