My library card

June 10th, 2015 9:36 am

First Posted: 7/28/2014

Anticipating the upcoming school year? Grab your library card and check out some of these reads at the Abington Community Library.

“The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide” by J. D. Kraus

Practical advice to get the most out of middle and high school, both academically and socially, from sensory sensitivity to awkwardness and from dating to driving.

“Middle School Makeover: Improving the Way You and Your Child Experience the Middle School Years” by Michelle Icard

A guide for parents and teachers to help tweens navigate the years they spend in middle school.

“Until It Hurts to Stop” by Jennifer R. Hubbard

A former victim of middle school bullying, 17-year-old Maggie struggles to navigate the high school world of love and friendships, finding solace in her love of hiking.

“Pants On Fire” by Meg Cabot

Having become a proficient liar in order to keep everyone happy, rising high school senior Katie Ellison is stunned when her old middle school friend and local pariah Tommy Sullivan returns to town, and suddenly things start looking a lot different to her.

“The Geography of Girlhood” by Kirsten Smith

Novel in poetry about a girl navigating the unknown, the difficult limbo between youth and adulthood. A novel written in verse follows Penny Morrow in her transition from middle school to high school as her father remarries, she acquires a new stepbrother, and she experiences her first dance, first kiss, and other hazards of growing up.