AH, South Korean students become pen pals

June 17th, 2015 1:49 pm

First Posted: 6/6/2007

Fifth grade students at Abington Heights Middle School became pen pals with students in Youg-So Elementary School in Chung-nam, South Korea. Teacher Amy Martin, a Fulbright scholar from the University of Scranton, and Abington Heights elementary teacher Mellody Swinick organized their classes to get involved while honing their communication skills. The students became pen pals, sharing their cultural experiences while learning different curriculum concepts. The Abington Heights students wrote about life in United States as well as what they have learned researching South Korea. Pen pals had the opportunity to exchange questions about their school life and how different their cultures are. From left, first row: Kevin Schumacher, Sal Bulzoni, Bryce Haines, Annie Gromelski and Joe Deitzer. Second row: Lizzie Walker, Dylan Turner, Ian Schobel, Rohan Varma, Paolo Gianzanti, Jennifer Burke, Maria Sunick, Julia Pagnani, Sammi Shea, Emily Sarno and Alex Kilbourne. Third row: Brianna Eagan, Tucker Wakefield, Nick Ksiazek, Drew Kumza, Evan Maxwell, Megan Foley, Kaitlinn Mitrow, Justin White, Sarah Campo, Sam Kontz and Mellody Swinick.