Comm gets $30,000 grant for playground

June 17th, 2015 1:50 pm

First Posted: 8/1/2007

In 1990, more than 100 volunteers from the community worked together to build the playground at the Waverly Community House. Now, 18 years later, the playground is still safe, but in need of updating and repairs, Maria Wilson, Waverly Community House Executive Director explained. Wilson also said that two years ago she spoke with state Representative Jim Wansacz about improvements the Comm needed, and he encouraged her to apply for funding. Recently, children attending the Comm Camp gathered outside with homemade signs and big smiles and their chance to thank Wansacz, for helping to improve their playground. Waverly resident Chelsea Barrows took an interest in the project after bringing her cousin to the playground where she grew up. Barrows asked Wilson what she could do to help the Comm get the improvements made to the park. Barrows explained that the park needs flooring repairs, new wood chips and updates according to new safety codes. Wansacz presented a check for $30,000 to the Waverly Community House on Wednesday, July 25, for playground improvements. He secured the grant through the state Department of Community and Economic Development in September 2006. Wansacz was joined by campers, House Executive Director, Maria Wilson; Comm Camp Directors, Liz Richmond and Steve Schmaltz.; Dave Sanders, president of the Waverly House Board of Trustees and others from the community and construction team.