June 10th, 2015 9:36 am

First Posted: 8/12/2014

This summer, Troop 160 participated in many events and brought service to the community. Troop 160 was present at the fourth week of summer camp at Goose Pond Scout Reservation, had new troop senior leaders elected, held Eagle Scout service projects and saw several scouts advance in rank. Additionally, Troop 160 coordinated the parking for the Our Lady of Snows Annual Country Bazaar.

The Boy Scouts of America believe in recognition for Scouts’ achievements. Because of this, the rank advancements from May until July will be posted from highest to lowest rank. The new Life Scouts in Troop 160 are Nathan Gronsky, Brandon Kelleher, Jason Kontz and Logan Lombardo. The new Star Scouts are Logan Finn and Colin Florey. The new First Class Scouts are Joshua Schmidt, Thomas Lopez and Ben Sebring. The new Second Class Scout is Ian Stevens. And last, but definitely not least, the new Tenderfoot Scouts are Patrick Landers, Troy Kostiak, Seth Blakiewicz, Braxton Lowe, Jack Murphy, Alexander Nole, Jonathan Rabbe, Mason Shay, Connor Tone and Justin Williams. The newly-advanced Scouts deserve this recognition.

Goose Pond Scout Reservation has been a place for Scouts from all over to meet and enjoy fellowship in the great outdoors since 1920. Every year, Troop 160 camps at the Pioneer campsite for a week in the summer. While there, the Scouts from Troop 160 cook their own meals (except lunches) and spend the days earning merit badges. However, that’s not all. Every day, the staff offers patrol programming from 2 to 3 p.m. and free activity time from 3 to 5 p.m. Patrol Programming is like free time with patrols, while free time is more for the Scout himself or with his friends. During free time, they offer activities, such as free shoot, climbing, swimming, open boating, and many other fun activities.

While at Summer Camp 2014, Troop 160 elected its new youth senior leaders for the 2014-15 year. The previous senior patrol leader was Joseph Fulton and his assistant senior patrol leaders were Wyatt Sebring and Matthew Parry. The new senior patrol leader is me (Jonathan Ross) and my assistant senior patrol leaders are Bryan Melliand and Alec D’Elia. The job of the senior patrol leader is to lead the troop by running meetings and assigning the responsibilities of the youth leaders. Congratulations to the three new senior leaders.

It has already been stated how important advancement is, but this is up to the Scout to strive for. Two Scouts strived for excellence with their Eagle Scout Service Projects this summer. Bryan Melliand led his project on July 26 and Aug. 2 by cleaning the basement of the Scranton Civic Center by removing the unwanted materials and constructing shelving for the materials to be organized and kept. I led my project on Aug. 8 by holding a bicycle safety and maintenance program where experienced Scouts, Sicklers Bike and Sport Shop and the Clarks Summit Police Department were present to fix bicycles and discuss bicycle safety.Bryan and I worked hard to make our projects successes.

Obviously, the Scouts from Troop 160 were active this summer and worked hard towards advancement. With the first official meeting of the year swiftly approaching, the Scouts are eager to return to their weekly meetings.

Remember a Scout is brave.