Progress ongoing for Trolley Trail

June 10th, 2015 9:37 am

First Posted: 3/18/2014

Representatives from the Countryside Conservancy and community residents discussed the Trolley Trail and parking spaces proposed for the end of Arch Ave. during the Glenburn Twp. meeting Monday evening.

“We were going to go with four parking spaces, but we’ll scale back to two and they will be handicapped accessible,” Executive Director Bill Kern, said. “We would like to have access [for] as many residents as possible and we need to meet the Americans with Disabilities Code.”

The parking spaces were originally planned to go by the now-closed smoke shop on Old State Rd. The road curves and there’s a sight distance problem.

“PennDOT thought it was not safe or practical to have parking spaces there,” Kern said.

The trail will be used year round .

There will be a staging area at the end of Arch Ave. However, Countryside Conservancy found another site in Waverly if this area does not work out.

“There are planning, zoning and other issues throughout Glenburn Township that will have to be addressed,” supervisor Michael Savitsky said.

The Countryside Conservancy met with representatives from DEP and Precision Plating.

“The trail will be closed when there is testing of the wells,” Kern said. “We are trying to make the trail safe for everyone,” Kern said. “Screens will be put around the wells so that people using the trails will not have to see them.”

“The trails surface will be hard packed and can be used by strollers, wheelchairs and bicycles,” said Cheryl Ellsworth, trail coordinator.

Countryside Conservancy will meet with the Planning and Zoning Commission of Glenburn Twp. in the coming months to further discuss the matter.

In other business, Glenburn Twp. will have a spring cleanup May 9 - 10. The supervisors agreed to have Waste Management help with the cleanup.

Jose delosRios will fill the empty seat of the Abington Joint Recreation Board representing Glenburn Twp.

The supervisors will look into possible zoning changes before voting to have PA Rte. 6 listed as a PA byway.