Welcome to the neighborhood

June 10th, 2015 9:37 am

First Posted: 12/12/2013

John and Carlon O’Malley are a father and son attorney duo who recently moved their firm to Clarks Summit. Carlon is a graduate of Temple Law School, his son John is a graduate of Widner University of Law.

John previously had a practice in Scranton where he worked from an office outside of his family’s business O’Malley and Langan, located on 201 Franklin Avenue.

“It’ll just be a good, fun opportunity”, John said about the move. He explained that the move is something comfortable for the whole family, being that his daughter, Molly, goes to Abington Heights Middle School. Another reason for the move is that John was born and raised here.

“It’s just my home”.

During their careers, the two attorneys have focused on personal injury, business firms, and family work. Carlon, however; has the additional experience of previously being a judge as well as holding the title as the United States District Attorney. Carlon also, proudly, was a mach buster back in his air force days.

“There really isn’t one thing dad has wanted to do that he hasn’t accomplished. He really is a phenomenally accomplished guy,” said John of his father.

John and Carlon’s new location is at 421 S. State St., Clarks Summit. For more information, call 570-586-1234.