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June 10th, 2015 9:38 am

First Posted: 2/25/2014

Kids: You can “go green” at your library with these environmentally friendly reads:

Preschool fans of “Dora the Explorer” will enjoy an adventure of recycling in “Dora Celebrates Earth Day!” by Emily Sollinger.

In “You Can’t See a Dodo at the Zoo,” Fred Ehrlich uses humor, poetry, and pictures to explain endangered and extinct animals.

Why do we observe Earth Day on April 22? Check out “Earth Day” by Linda Lowery to learn the history and reasons for this special day.

Kids of all ages love to see how things are made. “Try Recycling, Step by Step” by Jean M. Lundquist for an explanation of a fascinating process that makes use of the old for the new.

The novel “Just Grace Goes Green” by Charise Mericle Harper not only tells a fun story, it also includes facts and illustrations to teach the importance of recycling.

Here’s a twist on crafts: “Repurpose It” by Tammy Enz will show middle-school children how to find “new uses for old stuff.” Who knew that trash could create a rain poncho or a robot?

Our collection of children’s DVDs do more than entertain, they teach. Try “Sid the Science Kid: Going, Going, Green!” or “Curious George Goes Green” for songs, science, and fun.