Countryside Community Church hosts annual fishing derby

June 10th, 2015 9:38 am

First Posted: 7/1/2014

Countryside Community Church had their annual fishing derby at the pond near Abington Heights Middle School on June 28. Children were awarded trophies in four age categories (0-6 , 7-9 , 10-12 , and 13 and up).

The trophies of the 0-6 category went to Saige LeCoe (first place for a fish 19-and-a-half inches), Emma Kwiatkowski (second place for a fish 17-and-a-half inches), and Natalia Matrone (third place for 17-inch fish).

The trophies for the 7-9 category went to Justin Barahona (17- 3/4 inches), Chloe Medicino (17 -1/2 inches), and Silvio Schiavone (15- 5/8 inches).

Trophies of the 10-12 category went to Zachary Walter (17 -3/4 inches), Ryan Vassell (17-1/4 inches), and Levi Owens and Bridget Wood (17 inches each).

The trophies of the 13 and up category went to Tyler Walter and Jane Kircher (18-1/2 inches), Chris Peet (18 inches), and Adrianna Krehel (17-1/2 inches).