June 17th, 2015 2:18 pm

First Posted: 11/21/2007

Were you born in 1947? Do you remember the first days of The Abington Journal? Are you a born and bred Abingtonian? Were you a graduate of either Newton-Ransom or Dalton High Schools? Can you name a significant event that occurred in the Abingtons from 1947 to now? Do you have copies of The Abington Journal prior to 1961? If you answered yes to some, or even all, of these questions, the staff of The Abington Journal would like to hear from you as we prepare to celebrate out 60th anniversary with a special section to publish on December 19. Join the current staff as they look back at the earliest days of the newspaper and the region it served. For more information, call Editor Kristie Grier Ceruti at (570) 585-1604 or email