‘Do you vote in the primary elections?’

June 18th, 2015 10:23 am

First Posted: 5/11/2015

“Yes, because this way I can vote for the person that I think won’t win.”

Bruce Holden

Newton Township

“I’ve always voted, but I haven’t in the last couple of years. I’m waiting for someone like Ronald Reagan to run again, a man or woman with Godly character.”

Helen Herne

Ransom Township

“I do. I think it’s important in the primary election to vote for whom you believe is the strongest candidate. That person might not necessarily make it to the general election, but it gives you time to analyze the candidates or the mindset of the public.”

JoAnn Pane


“No, I’m a non-resident (of this area).”

John Goegl

Pike County

“I do, except I’m new in this area and I’m waiting for my voter registration card.”

Josephine Dickson

Clarks Summit

“I don’t. I know I should. I’m completely disillusioned. I feel partially responsible for the way the government has evolved.”

Karen Rickaby

Falls Township

Photos and answers compiled by Joan Mead-Matsui