Factoryville adding two test wells to Valero gas station

June 18th, 2015 10:24 am

First Posted: 4/10/2015

FACTORYVILLE — At the council meeting April 8, borough manager Mary Ellen Buckbee mentioned that borough engineer Bob Doble asked permission to put two test wells on the Valero gas station on Route 6 and 11 on the side of Wilson Street.

The gas station currently has one test well, but due to evidence of soil contamination, it was suggested by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to add two additional test wells.

“In order to do that, they (test wells) have to comply with our storm water ordinance, so Bob Doble is working on that,” said Buckbee.

Councilman Charles Wrobel said that he found out that the property owners allowed the gas station to add the two test wells at the last Abington Council of Governments (ACOG) meeting

Also in her manager’s report, Buckbee announced that PennDOT wants council to sign a sidewalk maintenance agreement in accordance with planned work on the sidewalk in front of the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center.

“They (PennDOT) sent a formal agreement,” Buckbee stated. “Paul (Solicitor Paul Litwin) looked it over. He said it’s a pretty standard PennDOT agreement that is very much in PennDOT’s favor.”

Buckbee said that although the agreement is in PennDOT’s favor, Litwin said that if council wants to redo the sidewalk, council must pass the agreement.

Buckbee the work will be done some time this summer.

Buckbee asked for a motion to pass a resolution authorizing the sidewalk maintenance agreement. Council agreed.

Also, council voted to accept Don Demerest’s resignation from the Factoryville Shade Tree Committee and appoint Shirley Golembeski as the new member.

In other business, Buckbee announced that the Factoryville borough building will have a county comprehensive plan meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 30.

“The county (Wyoming County) feels that they still didn’t get input from the municipalities, so they are having regional meetings,” said Buckbee. “Nicholson Township, Nicholson Borough, Clinton Township, and Factoryville Borough will all be meeting here.”

Buckbee explained that the comprehensive plan meeting is basically a meeting in which each municipality lists future plans for their respective areas.

“Those plans are how are we get grants,” added Sadie Rozenburg, Factoryville grant writer.