Mom or Dad for president?

June 18th, 2015 10:24 am

First Posted: 2/9/2015

CLARKS GREEN — Throughout the month of February, students at Our Lady of Peace School, (OLP) Clarks Green, learn about Presidents’ Day, an occasion set aside to remember past presidents. In 2015, Presidents’ Day is celebrated on Monday, Feb. 16.

Colleen Jumper, OLP assistant principal said many of the classes do projects centering on the presidents and what they’ve accomplished and what makes each president special.

Twelve OLP students answered the questions, “Who would make a better president — your mother or your father and why?” and “What would be the first thing you would do if you were elected president?”

Jumper said, “I’m proud of the kids for how caring they are and that the first thing they think about is helping other people.”

Ethan Cutillo, 7, said his dad would make a better president, “because he is strong.” Cutillo said, “I would say that everyone should be friendly to each other,” if he were in charge of the country.

A.J. Schuler, 6, said, “I would say my dad (would make a better president) because he is really good. He gets me really good games.” As for making it to the White House, he said, “I would let everyone choose one thing they would like to do…”

Mia Summa, 7, said dad wins the vote “because my dad is really easy to get along with.” Summa said, “I’d make sure no one would litter,” if she was the president.

Which of 7-year-old Nathan Tomasewski’s parents would make a better president? “My dad because he is really strong,” he said. Though if Tomasewski was in charge, he said, “No one should fight. I’d try to get them to get along.”

Sarkis Hazzouri, 5, said her dad gets her vote for president “…because he’s almost fully grown. My dad is bigger than my mom.” Hazzouri said if she were in charge, she would “help people…”

Jack Pavuk, 5, said his dad is “bigger” than his mom, so he should be president. Pavuk said if he won the vote for the presidency, he would “help somebody who was in an accident.”

Hunter Kresge, 8, said his dad should be president, “…because he’s strong.” The first thing Kresge would do once he took control of the country? “I would eat all the ice cream I can,” he said.

Virginia Yanul, 7, said her father’s occupation helps him win the presidential race. “My dad (would be a better president), because he’s a construction worker,” she said. Yanul also said, if she were president, “I would give my parents money.”

Sofia Mariotti, 8, said Mom would make a better president “because she can handle a lot of things at once.” Mariotti said if she were in charge, she “would give money to the poor.”

Chloe Mendicino, 8, said her dad would make a better president “because he can handle lots of kids.” If the decision-making were up to Mendicino, she said, “I would eat all of the cotton candy I could.”

Maggie Ratchford, 8, said, “Probably my mom (would make a better president) because she can handle a lot of things.” The first thing Ratchford would do if she were voted into office? “I’d give money to people who don’t have a lot,” she said.

Jake Grodack, 10, said, “I’ll have to go with my mom because she has more authority.” Grodack said if he were president, “I would definitely lower taxes.”