Make your own smiling shamrock

June 18th, 2015 10:27 am

First Posted: 3/2/2015

Are you ready for Saint Patrick’s Day? You can decorate everything from your bedroom door to a parade float with these fun smiling shamrocks.

What you will need:

• Green, black and yellow construction paper

• Scissors

• Glue

• A black marker

• A pencil


1. Start by drawing a shamrock on the green construction paper and a hat on the black construction paper.

2. Cut out the shamrock and hat, along with five strips of yellow construction paper.

3. Fold four yellow strips back and forth like a fan.

4. Glue the four folded strips to make arms and legs and glue the hat to the head of the shamrock, cutting the last yellow strip to fit the hat for a band.

5. For the face on the shamrock, the eyes can either be drawn or cut out. Use a marker to draw the nose and smiling mouth.