Save, share, spend personalized boxes

June 18th, 2015 10:27 am

First Posted: 4/29/2015

Making save, share and spend personalized boxes are a great way for children to get excited about handling money in a smart way.

What you will need

• Three small boxes with lids

• Construction paper, wrapping paper or tinfoil to cover the boxes

• Tape

• Scissors

• Markers

• Stickers


1. Start by cutting a hole in the lid, large enough to fit money through.

2. Choose a covering and wrap the box just like you’re wrapping a present. While using tape to cover the box, keep in mind where you cut out the hole in the lid.

3. Use scissors to cut through the covering to open the hole in the lid where the money will go into the box.

4. Make a little sign marking which box is to “save,” “share” or “spend.”

5. Decorate with stickers.