June 18th, 2015 10:28 am

First Posted: 5/5/2015

Dear Editor:

The signs of spring bring sunshine, flowers and green grass. Spring also signals the upcoming prom and graduation seasons.

It’s a thrilling time with so much excitement in the air for the youth of Lackawanna County. But, it can also be very dangerous if the wrong choices are made.

Our young adults are the future of Lackawanna County, and they are on the beginning of the initial steps of great things in their lives. It is important to celebrate wisely and make the best choices for the future they have in front of them.

We want our students to create wonderful memories during the prom and graduation seasons. It is a fun time and so much to celebrate. Speak up to your friends when you see them making a poor choice where drugs and alcohol are involved. If you choose to drink or do drugs, you’ll be breaking the law. Please, never get in the car with an impaired driver. Be a positive influence to enjoy proms and parties without alcohol and drugs. Our families and community do not want you to be a statistic, as your best times are yet to come.

Our Drug and Alcohol Office reports over 50 percent of students in our county have used alcohol in their lifetime and over 25 percent have used marijuana. These are not the statistics that we want them to become a part of. While our DUI rate has gone down 35 percent, the decision to use drugs or alcohol can lead to other consequences, namely crime, resulting in jail time and perhaps even the loss of life. We want our youth to rank in the top of their class, not at the top of a police list.

Our young talent has a world of potential ahead. We urge them to make the right decision to enjoy the prom and graduation exercises by celebrating alcohol and drug-free. By doing this, they will be able to fully enjoy the occasion and also have the ability to reminisce about it in the future.

If any family or individual ever needs help, contact the Lackawanna/Susquehanna Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs at 570-963-6820.

Commissioner Jim Wansacz

Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley

Commissioner Edward G. Staback