Dalton will provide police to Factoryville, Nicholson

June 18th, 2015 10:28 am

First Posted: 2/13/2015

DALTON — Council voted at its meeting Feb. 12 to provide law enforcement service to Factoryville Borough and to enact a joint municipal agreement to provide law enforcement service to the borough of Nicholson.

“We have two officers now currently that are working 32 hours a week as per the contract instead of eight or 16. We currently have enough manpower for it,” said Dalton Police Chief Chris Tolson.

Council president Gus Vlassis thanked Tolson, Mayor Aaron Holzman, and councilman Len Peters for this regionalization plan.

“It’s a great effort,” he said. “I think it’s going to be great for all the communities involved.”

In his mayor’s report, Holzman thanked council for the opportunity to service Factoryville and Nicholson.

In other business, Vlassis announced that the Dalton Council had a meeting with a presentation from the general code organization. He said that the organization is proposing to take all of Dalton’s old information, including codes, ordinances, and resolutions, and update them by deleting some them and rewriting some of them.

The board agreed to allow the general code organization to come and take a look at their codes and give an estimate.

In new business, Dalton Council voted to accept Pat Kimbark’s letter of resignation from the Dalton Sewer Authority. Vlassis then said that he has a recommendation to appoint Deborah Weisenfluh to the sewer authority.

Vlassis also said that he talked with Dalton Sewer Authority chairman Dave Beckish, who accepted Weisenfluh to the sewer authority. The board voted to appoint Weisenfluh to the Dalton Sewer Authority.