Dalton Council makes donation to veterans committee

June 18th, 2015 10:28 am

First Posted: 4/13/2015

DALTON — At the borough council meeting on April 9, the board voted to donate $1,000 to the Dalton Veterans Committee for a new memorial stone. James Gray, co-chairman of the Dalton Veterans Committee, thanked the council for considering the donation to the Veterans Memorial Stone Project, in which a new stone will be dedicated to the living and the deceased military veterans of Dalton.

“Your generosity will certainly go a long way in the success of this all important dedication to those veterans who have gone before us and our current veterans who continue to serve and honor the families and friends and/or our departed men and women,” stated Gray.

Gray said that the original plaque will be cleaned, polished and attached to the new stone. He also mentioned that area artist Bill Chickillo made a drawing of the 1919 Dalton Memorial Day Parade photo, which appears in a book authorized by Dalton historian Norm Brauer. The drawing depicts veterans from World War I and the Boy Scout band marching on the intersection of North Turnpike Road and Main Street.

Gray also thanked the community businesses, civic organizations and veterans organizations for their financial support.

“I think it’s very important that we all understand how unique this stone is going to be and it’s going to last for generations to come,” said Gray. “This is really our last time that we will be asking you for help with this because this is one of our final projects that’s going on in history in our town. So, I thank you very much.”

Council president Gus Vlassis asked how much the Dalton Veterans Committee raised so far.

Gray replied that the goal was $7,500, and with council’s donation, the committee is within $300.

William D. Rees, board member of the Dalton Lions Club, presented Gray a check for $1,000, which will also go to the stone project. Vlassis and board Lorraine Daniels thanked the Dalton Lions Club for their financial support.

Dalton resident David Dunn proposed the old stone to be placed at the Streamside Park.

“Instead of burying it with honors, I think it will be more honorable to take it to the park so that people can mourn on that thing for many years, including my families,” he said.

Dunn also mentioned that his grandfather, Walter Yunley, a brigadier general in the U.S. Army, is the highest ranked veteran listed on the stone.

“I’m hoping that the community has enough insight to consider this and put the this (the old stone) over by the park next to the Dalton High School monument,” he said. “And instead of a big farewell salute, we can honor both of them (stones) and people who lived here all these years can appreciate the old one and the new one.”

Vlassis thanked Dunn for his comments.

In other business, Mayor Aaron Holzman’s report announced that Dalton began providing police service to Factoryville on April 6 and Nicholson on April 10.

“The transition seems to be going well,” he said.