Dalton Council to reinforce Streamside Park rules

June 10th, 2015 9:40 am

First Posted: 9/16/2014

At the Dalton Council meeting Sept. 11, president Gus Vlassis said he had been notified about people drinking and getting too noisy at a concert in Streamside Park on Aug. 8.

“This is intolerable,” said Vlassis. “I think we have to do something about it.”

Vlassis said there is a sign at the park, which reads “No Drinking.” Board member Bill Salva remarked that anyone who reserves the park gets a copy of the rules.

Vlassis then asked Dalton Police Chief Chris Tolson if he had any suggestions. Tolson suggested to the board to notify the police beforehand if there is an event or party at the park, so police officers could drive by the park and check on it.

In other business, Vlassis mentioned that he and other board members have received a letter from the Dalton Fire Company requesting 1,954 square feet of borough property at the rear of the Dalton fire building in exchange for the title and interest of the blue shed maintenance building located at the edge of the Dalton borough parking lot.

Board member Lorraine Daniels said she read one of the letters, and learned that it’s going to cost the Dalton Fire Co. a lot of money to get the title.

“If it’s going to cost them, it’s going to cost us,” she stated.

Daniels said that Dalton Council would pay $8,000 for the building and that, if they do the swap, it might cost $7,000 more.

Solicitor Frank Bolock said that in terms of the issues with a title, an action to a quiet title will be necessary.

“It is a claim that has to be filed in the courthouse, and there is a procedure to be followed,” he said. “There are filing fees, advertising fees, lawyer fees, title abstractor fees. There’s not necessarily going to be a trial, but there’s paperwork that’s presented on almost two occasions to the court: following and filing of the paperwork. My ballpark would be a cost around $2,500.”

The board agreed to accept the swap with the Dalton Fire Company.

Also, Vlassis mentioned the ribbon cutting ceremony for Countryside Conservancy’s Trolley Trail will be held at the Church of the Epiphany in Glenburn on Oct. 10.

“The planning commission is asking for help in finding different options to try to bring the trail to Dalton,” he said.