Scouts prepare for the new year

June 18th, 2015 10:29 am

First Posted: 1/13/2015

During December, Troop 160 has one meeting where the Scouts are able to get to know each other better.

For the holiday party, each Scout is asked to bring a plate of cookies and a white elephant gift. A white elephant gift is something that is either homemade of a just-for-laughs item.

Once the scouts arrive at the meeting, they put their gifts on a table and receive a number. Then the Senior Patrol Leader calls numbers in order. Two at a time, the Scouts come up, choose a present that isn’t theirs, sit down and open it. After all white elephant gifts are open, the Scouts are able to relax and eat the cookies that they brought and talk to each other. Sadly, that was their last meeting of 2014.

Another exciting event that recently occurred is merit badge college. It was an event that’s open to the Northeastern Pennsylvania council. NEPA Merit Badge College is an opportunity for Scouts to earn merit badges needed for Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Scouting. Merit Badge College was held at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre on Saturday, Jan. 10. The merit badges range from architecture to railroading to welding.

Scouts in the Order of the Arrow demonstrated cheerful service. They did this by setting up tables, chairs and a refreshment and breakfast area for the morning when Scouts arrived. Then they also helped to set up lunch for the Scouts in the afternoon, and finally cleaned up and went home for the day.

Troop 160 will embark on a campout to Camp Achehla for a winter campout in January. On the campout, Scouts will have the opportunity to use their Scout skills to build fires, tie knots and cook, all while sleeping in the frigid temperatures. More details will be added once discussed.

Scouting fun fact of the month: In 2013, 56,841 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank.