Glenburn Twp. OKs trolley construction

June 10th, 2015 9:41 am

First Posted: 4/18/2014

Glenburn Township Supervisors voted to allow the Countryside Conservancy to proceed with the construction of the Trolley Trail, from Clarks Summit to Dalton, with the exception of the trail head and parking spaces during a special meeting on Tuesday, April 15.

Many members of the Countryside Conservancy were in attendance.

“The township engineer Jack Scheuer reviewed the plans for the trail,” solicitor Malcolm MacGregor said. “I think we should move forward with the trail.”

The Countryside Conservancy proposed four parking spaces at the trail head, but reduced the number to two. People living on Arch Ave. are opposed to the parking spaces believing that once the spaces are filled, cars will be parked along the road which is too narrow.

“There will be patrols making sure no one is parking illegally,” MacGregor said.

“We have received state and federal funding. That requires us to have handicap parking spaces to meet the Americans with Disability Act,” Countryside Conservancy Executive Director, Bill Kern, said. “We have looked at other places to put the parking spaces but there are none. The parking spaces will allow pedestrians and bikers access to the trail. An emergency vehicle might be called if someone gets hurt on the trial and they will need access. I stand behind the parking spaces.”

Another issue is if Glenburn Township owns the road.

“The township repaired drainage piping on Arch Ave. It is illegal to do work on a private road,” said supervisor Bill Wicks.

“There is a claim of ownership of the road,” Supervisors Chairman, Michael Savitsky, said. “We strongly believe it is Glenburn’s road.”

There will be a zoning hearing board meeting on May 5 at 7 p.m. at the Glenburn Township building to discuss the trail head and parking spaces.