Waverly works with Mass. wastewater company

June 19th, 2015 9:10 am

First Posted: 2/25/2014

New business at the Monday Waverly Township meeting began with news from the township’s Public Works Director, Thomas James.

F. R. Mahony & Associates Inc., located in Rockland, Mass. would like to use the documents from the pilot study of Waverly Township’s wastewater treatment facility for a marketing campaign. The company specializes in wastewater purification from homes to municipalities.

According to the Mahony & Associates website, “After a yearlong pilot that produced fractional ammonia with an influent temperature of 3.3º C, Waverly, PA selected the Amphidrome® ColdNite® system to upgrade their 0.5 MGD lagoon process in lieu of designing a new WWTP.”

“Everybody felt there wasn’t any problem with it, they just want to see the results and how well it performed here,” James said.

There was no need for a motion, but the Supervisors gave their approval for F. R. Mahony to use the pilot study results.

A letter of commendation was sent to Waverly Township resident, Tessa Barrett, for her “Outstanding accomplishments in regards to her achievements in cross country racing.”

Township manager Bill White has been organizing ordinance books to keep a record of all the ordinances passed within Waverly Township. All municipalities are required to keep a record book of ordinances. There are three books completed under Abington Township and one under Waverly.

The current water heater at the township poses a safety issue since the power venter no longer functions. Rather than repair it, the Supervisors have opted to purchase a new one. A new water heater will be purchased for the municipal building for approximately $1,000 including installation.