Fire insurance rates drop for residents

June 19th, 2015 9:11 am

First Posted: 3/26/2014

South Abington Township residents will see a decrease in their fire protection insurance rates, according to Chinchilla Fire Chief James Waters who met with township supervisors during a March 24 meeting.

The Public Protection Classifications set by the Insurance Services Office improved from 6 out of 10 to a 4 out of 10. The reason behind the improved drop is due to the township falling into a split classification of having a responding fire station within five miles and having access to 1,000 feet of a credible water source such as a fire hydrant.

“Most township residents will fall into the 4 rating,” Waters said.

The rate change will take effect May 1. Township residents are encouraged to inform their insurance company of the change.

“This is a big deal. This is the second time in 10 years that the rating has dropped,” Supervisor Mark Dougherty said. “It is a huge savings and means that money is being put back into township residents’ wallets.”

The supervisors reviewed four bids for cured in pipe lining, which is a way of repairing sewer pipes that does not involve digging the roadway up with machinery.

“A nylon type of bladder is inserted into the pipe,” said township manager David O’Neill. “It is then folded up into the pipe with an air hose. Glue is used to attach the bladder to the sides and the glue dries. It will last 50 years.”

The township received bids from Mr. Rehab, Inc. for $70,754.80, National Water Main Cleaning Company $62,860.25, SWERP Inc. $55,929.00 and Tri State Grouting $55,536.00. “

“We have set aside $50,000 for ongoing sewer projects. Township engineer Jack Scheuer has reviewed all the bids and recommend we go with Tri State Grouting based in Newark, Del.,” O’Neill said.

In other business, The McCarthy Building on Northern Blvd. is for sale. Property owner Brian McCarthy asked the township for an easement.

“We do not know who is going in there,” Dougherty said. “It can be a trucking company. I would want to wait to see who goes in there before giving the easement.”

The township supervisors will wait until the building is sold before granting temporary use of the land.