Mayor Lawler celebrates Easter with kids

June 19th, 2015 9:12 am

First Posted: 4/14/2014

There’s nothing like a good old egg hunt to get children in the Easter spirit . That’s what Mayor Patty Lawler brought to the children ofClarks Summit. Lawler sponsored her first Easter egg hunt, which was held at the Robert A. Preate Memorial Park on April 13 from 2 to 3 p.m.

“It was just as I dreamed it would be,” Lawler said. “It was a great memory to me to have the children with their parents. It was a celebration of spring. It was beautiful weather, beautiful children, beautiful families, and a beautiful community.”

On a clear, warm and sunny day, children got to play and color pictures outside in the park.

To start the day, Lawler had the kids look for a real raw egg on the grounds among plastic Easter eggs. The kids also had to look for gold coins laying in the grass, and Lawler gave out prizes to the kids.

Girl scouts Maggie Hall and Tori Hood volunteered to provide refreshmentsand give out bags with goodies.

The kids got a chance to test their skills by pushing an egg toward a little pole with gauze on it to resemble a tree. They couldn’t use their hands while moving the egg, but were allowed to use a little plastic fork.

The last event had the kids hopping like bunnies (literally) as they collected little plastic Easter eggs, which were scattered all over Preate Park. Parents got in on the action too.