Waverly seeks assistance from Senator Casey

June 19th, 2015 9:12 am

First Posted: 5/13/2014

There has been some headway in the ongoing addressing issue for Waverly Township, the council said during Monday night’s meeting. The E911 addressing system was put into place to ensure that medical services find resident’s homes easier in emergencies.

Over the past two years, all addresses have been changed in the Abingtons, except for those in Waverly Township Presently, if you have mail delivered to the Waverly post office and change to home delivery the address can be changed to Dalton, Clarks Summit, or Clarks Green. The Supervisor’s have been working to get Waverly Township recognized as a home address.

The halting point was a misunderstanding with the post office who was under the impression that a zip code change would be necessary. These complications have yet to be cleared after almost three years, therefore Supervisor Dr. Douglas Klamp has reached out to the Senator Bob Casey’s office for additional help.

The Senator’s office asked for a compiled list of the township’s correspondence between the various parties involved with the addressing issue.

“They’re still reluctant for us to meet with the Senator, but this seems like a good first step,” Klamp said.

Temporary Township Manager, Christina Capozzi agreed to put together a folder for the Senator’s office.

A new project is underway for Stevenson Road alongside the Pennsylvania American Water Line. Public Works Director, Thomas James, with township engineer Ned Slocum and Capozzi met with Ed Smith from Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Gannett Fleming is an international planning, design, and construction firm . Smith is the plans designer for the upcoming Stevenson Road project. The three drove out to the site to see it firsthand and later outlined the entire project. The Pennsylvania American Water Line has a water replacement project they’re beginning which will impact Stevenson Road. Waverly Township has granted funds to do maintenance to the road. The purpose of the meeting was to find the best way for the two projects to coincide.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility project is coming to a close. Engineers from Boston visited the township for the initial start-up of the facility. Despite a few minor glitches, “it went through all the operation phases pretty good,” James said.

Any needed repairs are scheduled to be fixed within the month.

A complete start-up is scheduled for Wednesday , assuming it goes as planned, the facility will be a fully-operational filter unit. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has shown interest in the new facility.

“It’s basically a beta site,” township solicitor Atty. Andrew Hailstone said. “A test site.”

A ribbon-cutting event for the Wastewater Treatment Facility is scheduled for June 20 at 2:30 p.m. at the Waverly municipal building.