South Abington Twp. installs new generator

June 19th, 2015 9:12 am

First Posted: 6/10/2014

The new generator was installed at the South Abington Township Building, the council announced during its first meeting of the month Monday night.

PPL will need to turn off the power in the building so it can be connected.

“Our maintenance people have been trained in how to operate it, and within the next two weeks it will be fully operational,” said Township Supervisor David O’Neill.

In other business, Robert John Bauman of South Abington Township, was approved by the board as a summer seasonal employee. He will graduate from Abington Heights High School June 16.

The Township targeted 12 roads that need to be paved. The estimated cost is $649,360. The township budgeted $335,000 for paving.

The post office contacted the Township about the driveway and the drainage pipe on Park Avenue that need to be in place before the post office moves to the McCarthy Building.

The Township will provide the labor to install the pipe, and the post office will provide the materials, including the catch basin, gravel and blacktop. The supervisors will check to see if this project can begin in the fall after all the summer projects are completed.