June 19th, 2015 9:13 am

First Posted: 11/8/2014

“Buy a turkey. Make the filling. Put it in the turkey and then cook it.”

Mollie Conrad, 9

Clarks Summit

“Heat the oven. Set the oven to a certain time. Put turkey in the oven and take it out when the timer beeps.”

Dylan Direse, 9

Montville, N.J.

“My Nona gets the tray. She puts the turkey in it. She puts limes around it. Then she puts some dressing around. She puts it (the turkey) in the oven for a while. She always buys it with bones for me. Then she serves it.”

Elisha Jakubiak, 8

S. Abington Township

“I know you cook it in an oven.”

Jason Malek, 8

Clarks Summit

“I’d put butter on it.”

Jocelyn Malek, 5

Clarks Summit

“In the oven…”

Mary Melnikoff, 9

Clarks Summit