June 19th, 2015 9:14 am

First Posted: 2/28/2014

Jennifer Familetti and her daughters Mia and Gianna learned about recycling and conservation together by making their own posters. Here, they share their experience so others can try it at home:

Sometimes we forget how important it is to conserve and recycle. This easy craft is a nice family project and a wonderful way to remind everyone how to conserve and what to recycle.

What you’ll need: construction paper or white paper, scissors, tape or glue, markers or crayons and old sales ads from a newspaper or magazine.

Instructions: We decided to make 2 posters. One for recycling and one for conserving. At the top of one piece of paper, we wrote “RECYCLE.” We looked at old newspaper ads for items that can be recycled. Things like plastic detergent bottles, disposable water bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard were some things we found.

We cut the pictures out and placed them on to the “RECYCLE” paper. Next, we used glue and tape to stick them to the paper. We kept it simple, so young children can understand. We set that aside to dry.

Next, for conservation, we have a poster drawn with crayons showing ways to conserve water and electricity. It reminds people to turn off lights when leaving a room, not to leave water running when brushing your teeth and be sure to turn the faucet off all the way. It was fun making these posters and it lead to great conversations about conserving and recycling.