Memories frozen in time and minds

June 19th, 2015 9:14 am

First Posted: 1/24/2014

While the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice is filled with music, entertainment and, well, ice, it’s also filled with chances for children and adults to make memories and freeze them in their minds.

Year after year the festival’s themes have been carefully selected to be of interest to both children and their parents and grandparents. From the circus to the jungle, Hollywood to Gotham City, the ice sculptures transport visitors to far away places that keep them coming back February after February to see what the creative chainsaw artists have carved.

The Abington Journal asked community members to provide their own photos and memories of ice festivals of yesteryear. Here are a few of the responses:

“The fondest memory of the ice festival is spending time with my children. We moved to Clarks Summit in 2011 and have enjoyed the festival ever since. I love that we can walk around town, sightseeing and that its so close to home.” — Charlotte Bellas, Clarks Summit HUB: RUN THIS WITH THE TWO PHOTOS CALLED CHLOE BELLAS AND ANNA BELKO CHLOE BELLAS

“The ice festival gets better every year. We have been to seven and always a great memory of taking pictures, having friends and family join us for this special event. It has become a tradition every year to attend.” — John Marra, Clarks Summit HUB: RUN THIS WITH THE TWO PHOTOS CALLED DSC00019 and DSC00123

“We live in Clarks Summit and have attended the festival with our children the last few years. Last year’s Superhero theme festival was especially fun for our family as our daughter Elizabeth was chosen as a winner of the costume contest and got a chance to ride on a fire truck in her Spiderman costume as part of the festival parade.” — Kelly Schneider, Clarks Summit HUB: RUN THIS WITH THE TWO PHOTOS CALLED AJ-Ice-Fest-A-24 and AJ-Ice-Fest-Pen