Clarks Summit Borough Council to vote on hiring part-time police officer, allocation of funds again

June 19th, 2015 9:14 am

First Posted: 11/1/2014

The Clarks Summit Borough Council will vote on whether to hire a Clarks Summit resident for a part-time police officer position at the regular council meeting Nov. 5.

Mayor Patty Lawler announced at the borough work session and special meeting on Oct. 28 that she and Clarks Summit Chief of Police Chris Yarns interviewed numerous candidates for the open part-time police officer position. The mayor said she and Chief Yarns agreed candidate Matt Karam is the best for the job.

“He has outstanding credentials,” Mayor Lawler said of Karam, a Clarks Summit resident.

Council member Vincent Cruciani said it’s, “great to see someone from the community,” considered for the position.

The council will vote at the regular meeting on Nov. 5 whether or not to hire Karam for the part-time police officer position.

Council may also rescind the vote made at October’s regular council meeting to allocate $20,000 of extra funds towards the borough’s debt service. Council President Gerrie Carey suggested adding another discussion regarding the allocation of funds to the agenda for the regular November meeting.

President Carey said she spoke to Jim Burk from Wayne Bank who advised the $20,000 the borough allocated towards the debt service may not really help the borough since the interest on the debt is only 1.75 percent. Carey suggested if the money is kept in the capital reserve, then it will be available if the interest increases next year.

With the allocation of funds on the agenda, President Carey told council, “We can examine whether this is the direction we want to go.”

Borough Manager Virginia Kehoe said the $20,000 has been paid to the bank, but according to President Carey, the bank is willing to work with the borough to reimburse the $20,000 so the money may be added to capital reserve if council chooses, or allocate the funds towards an interest payment, or both.

“I’m fine with whatever council wants to do,” said Cruciani, who initiated the discussion regarding the allocation of extra funds towards the borough’s debt service at the September council meeting before council voted in October.

President Carey said council will re-examine the issue and, “hopefully come up with a good idea,” for allocating the extra funds.